We created a website for Marutoku Nosan, an agricultural corporation in Miura City.
Marutoku Nosan is a farming company that has been around since the Edo period, and was incorporated in 2019 from Kawashima Noen. On the Hammock has been working with them since the Kawashima Farm days, but with their incorporation, we had to completely renew their website.
Marutoku Nosan is one of the most popular farmers in Miura Peninsula, appearing in many media such as TV and magazines. The company’s president, Mr. Kawashima, gave us high marks for the website as a reason for this.

One of the main features of Marutoku Nosan is its soil and fertilizer production. Today, there are not many farmers who make their own fertilizer, but Marutoku Nousan is particular about the way they make their fertilizer. Among them, the tuna fertilizer using tuna residue, developed with the cooperation of Misakie Fisheries, a fisheries company in Miura City, has attracted a lot of attention.
Because of this company’s commitment to soil cultivation and consideration for the environment, they have posted a “cultivation history” on their website. This lists the types of crops grown in various fields and the history of fertilizers and agricultural chemicals used in those fields. This kind of information disclosure is useful for the company when dealing directly with retailers. The website also lists the retailers where the company’s Megumi Vegetables made with tuna fertilizer can be purchased.

When renewing the website this time, President Kawashima asked us to make it easier for the company to post its cultivation history and the stores where it is sold. Therefore, we created an input form on the website management screen so that the information can be easily posted.

Marutoku Nousan,Inc. Webサイト https://maru-toku.com