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About onTheHammock

onTheHammock LLC. is a creative company that has grown connected with local communities. We have worked on various products, website creation, smartphone app developments that we are using design & digital media tech.

And our business is expanding. Regional Event Planning, Produce Art Events, the administration of a group of farmers & fishermen, development of community products…We are a unique production company.

We have worked with local people and creators to conduct various projects. Even though we are small team, we believe our strength is to be flexible and able to respond appropriately to our work.

We use digital technology, but we are not technology-dominated or efficiency-oriented. Our style appears in the company name. Like on the hammock. Our guideline are comfortable evolution and fun creation.

Our Business

○Website creation and design
○Creative Direction & Graphic design,Product design
○Mobile application development

○UI・UX design
○Sales promotion, branding(CI / VI)
○Project design and produce
○Translation(English ⇄ Japanese)

Please send a job request through the contact form page

Other activities

○Manage “Shokusai Network” (executive office: onTheHammock LLC)
Shokusai Network is a group of companies consist of farmers, fishermen, or restaurants in Miura Peninsula Kanagawa. The mission is to promote and establish brand of local food.(Shokusai means Colors of Food)

○Regional tourism consulting and Planning (One of the national policies to attract foreign visitors to Japan)
Specialist about wide area sightseeing tour route authorized by Japan Tourism Agency.

○Planning, producing events to regional activation or enlighten art
Cultual Arts Promotion Project at Universities by the Agency for Cultural Affaires

○Product development consulting utilizing local resources
○Writing column(newspaper)
○Planning a local radio program and radio personality
○Operating a shared office(Related company: Machinove Corp.)


2014 Established onTheHammock LLC.
Instructor at Programming School”RainbowApps”
Manage “Shokusai Network”
Established Tsushima City as an “Advisor for Community Development and Community Development”
2015 Published “iPhone App Development Lessons”(Gijutsuhyoron-sha)
App development school “App Creators Labo” management
2016 Published “iPhone App Development Lessons [Revised edition]”(Gijutsuhyoron-sha)
Photo Exhibition “Miura People Exhibition”(Sponsorship:Kanagawa Prefecture)
Kuwamura(onTheHammock CEO) is appointed as CIO of Matinove Co., Ltd., which operates Yokosuka City’s shared office “16Startups”
2017 Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand “Nadeshiko Bud” certified
Inauguration of the Japan Tourism Agency as an expert on the “Dispatch of Experts on 2017 Tourism Routes”
“Shokusai GARDEN Miura Yasai Cultivation Kit” Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand Certification
“Shokusai GARDEN Miura Yasai Cultivation Kit” Hometown Masterpiece of the Year (sponsored by the Cabinet Office) Regional Creation Award


Name : onTheHammock LLC.
Address : Fuji Building 3F, 19-5, Yokosuka-shi Kanagawa 238-0004, JAPAN
Tel :+81-50-3706-8669