16 West Coast – Nahama Base – Web Site


16Startups, a shared office in Yokosuka, Japan that On the Hammock CEO Haruyoshi Kuwamura is also involved in managing, has opened a new work space “16 West Coast – Nahama Base -” on the Nagahama coast of Miura Peninsula in May 2021. On the Hammock was in charge of creating this website.
16 West Coast – Nahama Base – is a work space with a trailer house customized for office use, located next to the beach with Sagami Bay in front of it.
The website is designed to be simple and easy to use, with a reservation system that allows users to apply for use from a calendar.
If you are interested in 16 West Coast – Nahama Base, please visit the website.

16 West Coast – Nahama Base – Webサイト https://16startups.com/16westcoast/